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Friday, October 09, 2015
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A Message from District Superintendent Timothy R. Trent
October 5, 2015
It is Monday evening and I just got home after a long day.  I find it difficult to collect my thoughts.  I’m not only tired, but sad.
Sunday, I lost two people that meant a lot to me.  The first was a church member in Andalusia.  His name was Emmett.  Emmett was an interesting person.  He was a federal detective before he retired to Andalusia.  He was a man that you could listen to all day, share detective stories and never get bored.  He knew detectives in every major police department in the U.S.  Listening to him was like listening to a David Baldacci book on tape! 
Before I went to Andalusia FUMC, Emmett came to our church three or four Sundays.  Not a single person spoke to him!  He left vowing never to come back.  I finally met Emmett at our monthly amateur radio meeting.  He was interested in getting his license.  I welcomed him to our HAM Radio Club, brought him the books he needed to study for his license, and spent time with him.   He found out I was the new pastor of the church and decided to give it another chance.  He and his wife, Beverly, soon started coming to our church and got involved in several areas in the life of our church.  The church had changed and welcomed them with open arms and let them know they were not only welcome but wanted!  I had the joy of baptizing Emmett, and he and Beverly not only joined our church but truly became part of our church family. 
I’m very thankful for the relationship Linda and I had with Emmett and Beverly.  Emmett reminded me of the importance of my ministry outside the church.  He reminded me how God can take a rough, tough detective and turn him into a humble, soft spoken, dedicated Christian.  I will miss Emmett but always give God thanks that we found each other.
The other loss for me is Rev. Cliff Abbott.  When I was new, young, and green in the ministry, Cliff was serving Enterprise FUMC.  He was the pastor of a large First Church.  He was a leader in our Annual Conference.  He was a powerful preacher and leader.  He was a great pastor and hard worker.  For me, new to the ministry, he was a role model.  One of the things I always appreciated about Cliff Abbott was he knew who I was!  He wasn’t so big that he didn’t pay attention to us new, green ministers.  Instead, he learned who we were, knew us by name, knew where we served, and treated us like we were somebody.  I will never forget him.  He always had time to listen and offer advice.  He always showed an interest in those of us just beginning our ministerial journey.  He always had time for us.  He knew who we were.
I learned from Cliff that no matter how far up the ladder you get, don’t forget those who are just beginning their climb.  He taught me to know who they are, show that I care, always give them my time, and encourage them along the way.  I will never forget Cliff and will always give God thanks for his life.  Please keep his family in your prayers. 
I am sad at the loss of two great men but I give God thanks for their life and witness.  They both have made me a better person.  I know where they are and I rejoice!
Dr. Tim Trent
Pensacola District Superintendent        


  Clergy Appointments 2015-2016

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The Pensacola District list below is a snippet from the full AWFC appointments list  posted by the Alabama-West Florida Conference at in July 2015. Highlighted are new appointments and status changes.  In parentheses is clergy status and years at appointment. No code denotes Full Elder.



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