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Thursday, July 28, 2016
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 A Word from Our District Superintendent

July 25, 2016
We all have been inundated with bad news lately.  There is certainly enough to keep us all praying day and night.  I thought I would share with you some news that is not just good but great!
Many of you are familiar with Richards Memorial United Methodist Church and how it has been in decline for several years.  You are also familiar with Pensacola United Methodist Community Ministries that operates out of the Richards Memorial UMC facilities.  I am happy to report that on Sunday, July 17th, they baptized six adults!  These are adults who have gone through some of their programs, have made a major change in their life, accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, dedicated their lives to Him, and asked to be baptized!  Wow!  And they have more on the calendar to be baptized!  God is doing a wonderful work through Rev. Robin Noble and Rev. Joe Mullen.  Here is an example for all of us.
I am surprised at the number of our churches who have not taken in one member by profession of faith nor had a single baptism.  This has been the case for several years for some of our churches.  The question has to be asked, “If Richards Memorial can do this, why can’t we?” 
We celebrate the great work that is going on at Richards and thank God for the movement of His Spirit in their midst.  God is doing and will continue to do a great work there because they are open to being a willing vessel and letting God work through them.  Please keep this ministry in your prayers as they continue to do a great work!
Milton FUMC hosted a Society of St. Andrew Potato Drop on July 23 as part of the Santa Rosa Day of Service.  They bagged over 20,000 pounds of potatoes in less than two hours.  More than 200 volunteers worked diligently so that 60,000 servings of potatoes will be distributed by the Society of St. Andrew to the agencies that serve the hungry in Santa Rosa County.  They had people from Pace High School ROTC, students at Milton High School, enlisted personnel at NAS Whiting Field, employees of the Santa Rosa Credit Union, employees of the Santa Rosa Health Department, and members of two volunteer fire departments, among others who were not known to the church.  The team captains for this event were members of FUMC Milton. 
A representative from the Society of St. Andrew informed Milton FUMC that through their financial giving during the past eight years and the Potato Drop, they have provided one-half million servings of nutritious food to the hungry in the United States.  One church making a HUGE difference!!!!  Thanks to Rev. Kathy Knight who has led Milton FUMC in this ministry.  God is doing a great work there as well!!!
My mother taught me that we usually see what we are looking for.  The older I get, the more I understand what she said.  God is doing a great work all around us.  Will we choose to dwell on the negative and bad, or will we cast our eyes on what great things God is doing through His Church and being a part of that?
Thanks to all of you for the great work you are doing in the building of God’s Kingdom in the Pensacola District. Hope to see you soon!
Grace and Peace,
Pensacola District Superintendent 

July 17, 2016
As most of you have heard or read by now, we have been assigned a new bishop effective September 1, 2016. Bishop David Graves was newly elected from the Holston Conference.  Bishop Graves and his wife Nancy are coming to us from Church Street UMC in Knoxville, Tennessee. We welcome Bishop Graves and his wife Nancy and look forward to a long, fruitful ministry with him.
Our own Bishop Paul Leeland, and Janet, are being assigned to the Western North Carolina Conference (Charlotte area).  We give God thanks for the eight years of dedicated leadership and visioning Bishop Leeland has given us.  We celebrate the fact that he will now be closer to his family and we wish he and his family nothing but the best in the years to come.
Rev. Dr. Lawson Bryan, senior pastor of FUMC Montgomery, was also elected to the Episcopacy. We are proud of and for Bishop Bryan and are thankful for his service and leadership in our Conference through these years.  He and Sherrill will be serving the South Georgia Conference.  We wish Lawson the best, as well.
There is a lot going on in the Church and in our world.  With all that is happening in the Church let me say that nothing has changed in the Alabama-West Florida Conference.  Bishop Leeland and the Cabinet are all in agreement that we will continue to abide by the Discipline of the UMC.  We will continue to work together with you and your churches into a better future.  We all need to be in prayer for our Church and our world.  These are crucial times that need to be undergirded in prayer.  Please pray for all of our Bishops as they meet to discuss some of the vital issues facing our Church.
And pray, pray, pray, for our world.  There is so much bad news in the world today we yearn for a bit of good news.  Pray for all those who have been affected by the various shootings and other acts of violence.  There is so much fear and hatred in our world today.  I cannot control what happens somewhere else, but I can influence my little world that I live in daily.  I can show love, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, grace, and hope wherever I am in my little world.  God does not call on me to fix the world but he does call me to fix myself!  I learned a long time ago there can be no peace in the world until there is peace in me. 
May we all be about showing people love, offering them peace, and giving them hope!
In Christ,
Dr. Tim Trent   Pensacola District Superintendent   


  Clergy Appointments 2016-2017

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