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Thursday, May 05, 2016
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May 1, 2016
Yesterday I went to the Spiritual Formation workshop on Enneagrams. Rev. Pam Avery did a wonderful job teaching the class and her team did a great job putting this all together.  We plan to offer a Spiritual Formation class every quarter.  It is a continuing education event and is open to clergy and laity.  I encourage you to be looking for future announcements and mark your calendar to participate in the next one.
Linda and I attended homecoming at Mt. Carmel today.  Wow!  What a service!  I’ve never seen a church that size with so much musical talent.  I preached and then we went to their new fellowship hall where they are building their new church.  It is beautiful fellowship hall and the footing for the new sanctuary has been poured.  Rev. Brian Pullin is doing a great job leading the church in a rebuilding program after their church was lost to fire.  There is a great spirit and attitude at Mt. Carmel and they are doing a wonderful work.
Monday I will be in Birmingham with a friend and his wife as he has surgery.  I have appointments every day this week with churches, clergy and laity.
I love the story that tells how God sent an angel down from heaven to find the most beautiful thing on earth.  When the angel saw the flowers in the springtime, he decided they must be the most beautiful things on earth and gathered a bouquet to take back to heaven.  As he began to leave, he met a beautiful child with golden hair and a lovely smile.  Nothing could be sweeter or lovelier, the angel decided.  But as he continued his journey, he came to a humble cottage.  There sat a mother with an infant in her arms.  “This is the most beautiful of all,” said the angel, and he left for heaven.
By the time the angel reached the gates of heaven, the flowers had faded and died.  The smile on the child’s face had turned to a frown.  But the mother’s love was unchanged.  Thank God for mothers.  None of them is perfect, but they possess a quality similar to the nature of God.  They never stop loving us, no matter what.  That is, indeed, the most beautiful thing on earth.
I wish for each of our mothers Happy Mother’s Day this coming Sunday!
Pensacola District Superintendent        


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